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I am Stack, a.k.a. keusta


I tried graffiti for the first time in the early 90's, with manu and wago.
Manu found some cans from his garage and we decided to make our first artwork in the street where we lived.
Mag (for magalie) and Sang (mean blood) was our lettering.

We were 13 years old and after few bad street's experiences, we decided to stop there the graffiti.
Despite this, we continued to lead us with the drawing, sketches and tags.
And it's in 1997 that we really get started...


I grew up in south suburbs of Paris. I traveled a lot in france thanks to graffiti jam.


Wut wut ??


Put more colors on walls, meet fresh people from this place and around the world, collaborate on big wall's project.
There's a lot of good reasons to practice graffiti but u couldn't know as long as you did not try ;)