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Infographie 3D Graffiti
Dabord une Id?e vient le Sketch on passe ensuite ? l'Infographie fa?on 3D faite avec Illustrator et Photoshop tendance Graffiti puis Imprimer 4 par A4 comme Stickers
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1. By 91


2. By keusta

I will make a tutorial soon, how to learn 3d graffiti, and make it simple for all... stay tuned zia, suscribe to rss feed

3. By Ciara

was why not???

4. By dosk

those graffitis are cool

5. By Legend

You dude can you make me one they are sick

6. By bkr


7. By cause

shit... they are sick

8. By blooper

When will be that tutorial, pls? Thanx for feedback

9. By lily

lily bbz........x

10. By austin

hey can u make me one plz my name Austin tnx !

11. By psico


12. By maxence

i love you ophelia

13. By BleSr


14. By nixon

ximeno es una re locA

15. By black-alex

dj black-alex

16. By james

ive been trying to learn proper 3d for years and i still cant get my head around it---------that is awsome------up the ozzies

17. By 4EC

these tags are fucken cool

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