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En vacances..

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1. By PACK

bon style ca defonce!!!bien old school et tres personnalis?!tu dechire!!!se serai cool si je pouvai t'envoy? kelk sketches,histoire d'avoir ton avis.tout les avis sont bons a prendre!t'es de kel r?gion? voila c'etait un ptit msg 4 stack!!!

2. By Drew

i like your work.

3. By rhyssa

props, dope shit!

4. By ZEFF

yo ur graffiti is tough i do graffiti too but u do sum hot shit

5. By ricky

new alphabat


plz draw my name

7. By christian

yo lil homie dats some good shit u got their

8. By eygenia

hey i wanna learn the art of GRFFITI !!!

9. By C-tags

I just got started

10. By julio

thia graffiti is fucking kool

11. By jennifer

help me draw my name

12. By viper

hey my name viper,can ask to help...?please isn't it sketch viper.send to email

13. By Ryan

this shit is tight...i also do tag. dope shit..mad props.

14. By luke (LJ)

hey who ever did mosta the work on this page,,,,,, fare play man ,, i like it

15. By zigorio bg

How to draw my nickname (zigorio this is my nickname) please help me!!!!!!

16. By dio

hai graffiti lovers..

17. By dominique

can you help get good wit garffitti

18. By sens

i want to learn how to wild style

19. By FOSY

manden 1 abcdario de 3d

20. By Naomi

i can do graffiti in wild style but i can't write it normally ^^

21. By junior


22. By luis

quicier todo los abesedarios de grafitis.?

23. By luis

stan nice los graffitis

24. By chris

Chek it out mi shyt is mad hot nd brand new

25. By andrey

imi placeee


you good but OCb the KINGS

27. By Richa

Je l'aime beaucoup ??lol le francaise est correcte?

28. By vect

yo this stuff is sicko man send me sume ways how do vect !!!!safe!!

29. By vanessa


30. By squirtoner

u guys retarded? the real form of graffiti is taught to yourself by yourself. dont be askin ppl to write yo name... just so u can act like u did it. hmmm

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