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1. By Karamel

C'est vraiment trop beau, j'aimerais trop pouvoire faire ?a!
En pers?v?rant qui sait ptetre que j'y arriverais!

2. By juste de passge

bravo c'est un truc de malade ce dessin je suis rest? scotch? beau boulot trop trop fort ;)

3. By gytwo

la jsui r?st? skotch? desu!un truc 2malade!!! bel vision de la 3D

4. By heidi

i like it. its interesting. 2 thumbs up

5. By zeus

trop fucktop ,malade...

6. By cRyStA bOsHeY

dAmN uR GrAFfItI iS dOpE aS hELL!!!

7. By k-d-p life.

ce tres bein, tu a des "skills"

8. By vadio

3D dah hora memo...

vlw paz i tintax!

9. By kassie

omfg love it

10. By Dust

Nan lol^^ Arf trop bien :P

Ralalalal fortiche

11. By ace's

wow...some really mind blowing stuff man

12. By cristian camilo

me gustaria aprender a hacer graffitis en 3d y buena por ese talento tado bn lordpert!

13. By FLAME

yo amazing stuff! ima resurtch yo pix a bit n see if i cant pick up a new style. ur site is sik tho peace <IMK>

14. By carlos

weena paisa ferocs fotos y graffos..
en cualk momento subo los mios
pero n mi propia pagina...

15. By hekar

camara esta loca
la taja

16. By kieng

that so awesome

17. By Tempr

very nice. you do nice work.

18. By ztopy

wat it du

19. By Alex

Respect ...j'ai rien d'autre a ajouter

20. By chico

youre a legend

21. By r4lli3 b0x

dopest 5h*t I've seen . Im in awe @ just peepin ya angle of perception. You made a fan outta me mUcH LuV

~bOx oUt~

22. By luis

si k tus plakas estan chidas

23. By richard

hey man im really into graffitti and how to to do it so can you please give me some tips on how to graffitti or i should say bust a piece

24. By blood

boi dem pics are just fly

25. By yo

supogo que tan buenos

26. By kujiness

kujiness was her

27. By adolfo

&#9786; pwes EsTa CuRdO EL GrAfItTi pero K P0nGaN UN DOBLE SE VEIRIA curado metansen en mi CORREO es:

28. By damian

hey i want to know how to do that thing

29. By aldo

ta cabron hosthek crack crew

30. By sama

xou iniciante e goxtaria mucho dfe aprender grafitti 3D

31. By bryce

How long did this take to sketch?


damn dogg u get down sick you should hit me up so i can show u some of my shit im from el paso we got a cru here n its dope... hit me up,,,,,,, BEW CRU

33. By kRiz

m enknta tu trabajo.....

34. By Lucas Andre Valentim De Almeida

eu quero aprender a desenhar como vo6 abraço

35. By blak oner

ur shit is koo

36. By Michel

this shit is ,,IT,,like it verry much !!are you in the adverteisment b,ness?? or even better!!!tat2 b,ness? one day(maybe already?)you wil be famous.a oldskoolartist from AMSTERDAM .

37. By tag

man that slap

tag on this s,s,l

38. By dukkktoe

animo chidos grafos animo pues cuidese

39. By Langford

Fuckin' Amazing
Fuck I Wish I Could
Draw Like That. Kool

40. By SAGE

i like where this is going im still better than u hahahaha but i like it

41. By ashley

man just luv ur things! i'm a luver of graffities.... Just totally amazing!! Maybe i culd make sum ma own styles... sumday

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