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Peinture freestyle avec syntax et nedo.

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syntax graffiti
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1. By krome

on dirait kruty hihi

2. By Kruty

Rhaa ou????? ! On s'est bien amus? dis donc ! :D hou hou hou !

3. By keusta

quelle journ?e de foliiiiiie !!!

4. By ?milie

J'Adoouuur ^^ vive les couleurs qui claquent !

5. By pedro

ta de maix mandem um dix po meu mail por favor!

6. By name2


7. By random

this looks really massive i love the colour code and the fact the it is bright i hope one day soon that mine will look as good as that love radnom aka clone

8. By dark

q chdi es el grafffffffffffffffffffff neta wey

9. By big wayne

how did you get stared in graffiti

10. By zakaria


11. By Leslie

can u do Leslie in griffiti and send it to me

12. By p@o

mmmmm!!..this is realy good
i?m liking it
great job!
u roks!
can you please do one with my name please!!!oki...bye

13. By keusta

humm no i can't... too buzy :)

14. By MARilYN


15. By Smurk

I always been a big fan of grafs and this is beautiful...

16. By $plit

that is some hella shit right ther

17. By Tati

Oii tdo bom??

intaum gostaria de sb se tem como vcs fazerem um grafite com meu apelido e com o nome da minha galera..

tati e amds

espero respostas beijOs..

18. By ALAN


19. By V

Thats tight i hav 2 respect that

20. By Marco C.

This is very tight pic.

21. By baybiieeh

diiz siite is hectO juc wah ii needad tO create muh Own siite manz

22. By SCARFACE_919

this stuf is ok but iv seen betta

23. By matias

estan re buenos

24. By echo

This is good shit, man...

25. By J2

I trully respect that

26. By ree

yeah lovin dat! rite der!!

27. By you suck

you suck s w y

28. By gen

that is some really good art work who ever did that you are a good graffiti

29. By gen

that is some good drawing

30. By Young 13


31. By amier

kolilo tenan mantep gilang ndeso men gilank and tika enkek ning kasur

32. By gemi

bonjour, je dois faire un petit dossier ki parle du graf

33. By dionne

wotz gd wiv u lots

34. By Conor

Hello I Want To Do Griffiti

35. By mirp

sycoe next time your looking at the coments hi and by the way
your a bad cunt

36. By Zayna

Dammnn Thats Really Tight..:o Im Stunnd By It

37. By arleen

i want one of ya to send the name amy in graffiti letters

38. By AVES


39. By derick

griffiti piture

40. By mykhe


suNNguh gRAfftEr Boy

41. By lelo


42. By lukes

is good i love graff

43. By riar

es la era lo es y lo sera

44. By jon

son re grosos capós que talento que tienen para el gráfity son re grosos!!!!

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