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Peinture avec 6pack again ? Meudon !!

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1. By willyados

dechirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

2. By cokjessgeo

it shit

3. By cokjessgeo

it shit

4. By jonathan


5. By allen

send me the best of your work

6. By cano$

diz iz tickz man der kl

7. By janaina

mai il e tro tro bo se tags tro bien fai

8. By R328R


9. By matt

thats good

10. By timmy

this one is hella raw! how long did it take you to do?

Timmy > 4 hour

11. By may

cool man... naman... aliw..

12. By C dot

dat is sum ruff shit man how u do dis so blood?

13. By leanne

Leanne <3 Ryan

14. By keusta

Ah ah marsy :D

15. By blar......skc

no fukin way! thats amazing

16. By FAYTE


17. By borat

potang ina nyo lahat fuck shit all of u....

18. By Xreh

?? ? ? ?? ????? ???????

19. By jamie

hi ya,im not quite sure who im talking to,but i love the material.iv just started my own record label and need a couple designs done for my releases,just wondered if you are intrested in doing them.cheers

20. By denzal

yo this webb is shit

21. By fonkywolf

---> good work man
i like your use of texture .. continue boy

22. By murat ve sinan

olum bunlar ne lan b?yle mutlaka baaqqq manyaq otesi bi?ey lan bunlar

23. By Dust

Encore un >.<
Bon, rien ? dire, je post, mais mes com's restent les m?me :P

En tout cas, toujours autant de respect :P !!

24. By J2

that's tight!

25. By pawz uno

this shit is very ill!!

26. By Bryce

make a sketch with all your felling and power in it

27. By Masterafa

Want to buy the Green Eye Pic! Thanks.

28. By CIERRA Williams

i love your drawing.It's really creative.

29. By Joseph

ur art is hott man! neva seen anything like t..ur an inspiration

30. By seetheshape666

goddamn sir! absolutely amazing art! an inspiration to me and my own!!

31. By henrio

You guys are Crazyyy ;O

32. By Richa

heeyy,.. this is is nice.. i was wonderin if u cud add a place where you can maybe give like small tutorials for the basics of graffiti... tht wud be trés fantastique!! sais vous plaitt

33. By d.g

u should turn ur awsome talent in to a job lik thing~!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz all ur shit is dope

34. By chrixcel

fait mal celui là, chapo !

35. By ~-(M)-~---___!`

Kon-Junk-Ta-V-Eye-Tuss. .prey!

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