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HomeBoy Character

Session Graffiti feat Reks, 6pack, Punet and jin for the last character on the right.
Characters and city background graphics
Speed painting...

graffiti wall and character

HomeBoy Character
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1. By emz


2. By keusta

yes of course my dear, brian is in the kitchen! ;)

3. By jess

yeah me english wuu2?

4. By Uti

At least i do anyways

5. By spick

it's good!!

6. By caitlin

how long does it take to finish one of these peices of art? is it hard to learn how to draw llike that or write.

7. By bliz

dats tight

8. By miss blingbling

damn man 4sho ur artwork is tight

9. By mc comer

this shit is burner

10. By (?N?H)

theres a few new peple spraying round my end im from newcastle and im in the TNS and id like to put a shout out to SOME OF THEM firstly to PAR ,JIVE and RAVE it looks to me like JIVE n rave have not been spraying long but they have REAL POTENSIAL

11. By taku

wow !!!!!u damn talented....i'm loving it...
wen did u start doin this stuff...

12. By kidd kos

yh blud i jus no im sik i jus dont no y deez waste men aint put ma art up mybe day aint com rund dahenham rm8 yet i dunno mybe there jus fools dat need to be shot

13. By michael

para mi

14. By luce

man im a amateur ova in nz with my crew i.l.b
(i love boys)
and i just wanted to ask if you could do me a sketch because my tagging is real amateur as and my mate redy (aint in my crew) is way better than me and i wana get gud lyk him

15. By Shawn

this shit raw as hell

16. By luke

kool stuff

17. By linux

ur drawings re very tight,its inspiring!hw do i learn this coz i wanna know it.tankx bro.

18. By shaun

like ya site i think its mint

19. By mauricio


20. By MatTz

this is shit draw of graffiti
should i want learn alphabets spell

21. By amz xx !!

yo dudes this shiot is good

22. By FlaSH

This is of tha hook!!!

23. By killer

this shit is sick

24. By luismolina

hey was up ma niggas



26. By mohammadreza

very good

27. By mr fuck you

iv seen better...

28. By jim

i don't know how to do characters any help

29. By secret?

deeeaaaamm that shit is thrown to the next level :]

30. By c


31. By drew


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