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Amazing sketch in color

Yeah, alors aujourd'hui, une collaboration avec la charmante et talentueuse Emilie
qui a su mettre en valeur grace a ses couleurs un de mes croquis en noir et blanc.
Vous pouvez la f?liciter de son excellent travail !
Merci ?milie !

Thanks to Emilie Decrock for this amazing work. Now i got good colors into it.

Amazing sketch in color

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1. By keusta

Yes, oups c'est corrig? !!

2. By ?milie

...Mais Merci ? toi !!!
Que du bonheur cette mise en couleurs :)

3. By axel

i don't like this but it's cool estuvo guilla'o from p.r.

4. By Devorah

Hi. I love your work. Would you be interested in creating a piece for use in a film in the US? We need some work done, via internet right away. Or perhaps we could use your existing work. How can I reach you?

5. By no pull


6. By keusta

Doze > Avec Photoshop

7. By Doze

non je voulais savoir avec koi avai ete fait l'original ? aquarelle, acrilique ?

8. By keusta

T'as pas l'air de comprendre doze, le dessin est en noir et blanc et ?milie l'as mis en couleur sur photoshop... pas d'aquarelle ni de peinture

9. By Doze

Ah desolé, merci quand meme. Et aussi bravo pour té creation é vachement cool !

10. By yoann

hello mr stack's,
to start,respect!i love your style.
I would like offer a canvas to my brother for his birthday.
it would be possible buy one or make a specialy one?

11. By Anandit

I am totally amazed to see how ya make such cool graffiti n' sketches wid such easy.

12. By samz

vrmt malade serieu! jvoulait juste savoir quel age tavait pour avoir un talent dememe..

13. By RaeK

Du lourd lourd lourd. Vraiment un énorme bravo à Keusta pour son sketch qui était vraiment d'une qualitée exceptionelle. Mais alors la colorisation (sa s'dit comme sa?) de Mlle. Emilie arrache tout par dessus tout. Je ne me lasse pas de le regarder et

14. By pener

wow wow wow super masakra

15. By JP

you have a talent man, you're the best ever .. :o

16. By Raymond Broomes

Hello My name is Ray and i would love to have some art designed by you i have a vision and you are the perfect person for me i dont have alot of money but i need your skill will you help me just email me thank you

17. By walid

no fear

18. By Darian Johnson

Hi, I just wanted to clear things up. I had this image as my background on myspace and it was recently pulled off because I was apparently "hot linking"? Well let me say first that I apologize, I had no idea I had done something wrong and tha

19. By FELIX


20. By staffan


21. By Mac

In color - coool!:) I want it on my desktop

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