Hey Ladies




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Hey Ladies painting

New graffiti character.

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1. By steve

loving your style..im from all the way in nyc, brooklyn e.

2. By keusta

thx steve, asap for the sketch. got some updates to make so stay tuned.. :)

3. By manu dezoce

un petit ros? :p

4. By vok1

cool site you people have here keepit up

5. By boooge

done the sunglass glass real nice. like if you hadn't than just would not look as good

6. By simo

bon courage mon copin

7. By princezz

loving ur style

8. By alley

your shit fucking sucks,,u call this art???.. my shit looks way better than this

9. By alley

na just kidding it looks awesome

10. By vision

your style is nasty. keep it up. your an inspiration

11. By spit

danm that shits tight

just keep doin what ur doin

12. By Jessica Calleja

Hey i loved this draings they are super

13. By girl

goed jongen eg cool man jullie zijn egte pro's

14. By Agetha

Wats up?

15. By Vishal

hey man ur like one of the best man...shit i saw some of ur other stuff and was stoked man, shit ur danm good man...

16. By tori

hey ur tag is so cool I was woundering if u want to go out some time call me 0423531446

17. By princes


18. By graffiti

I know her! is there a real model?

19. By gendhis

what the HELL is tthat??
beautiful lady in a beautiful art..

20. By david


21. By Andrea


22. By bloodberry

hmm,not bad

23. By menis

dam thats fukin sick good shit keep it going

24. By Nathan


25. By mat

i love the designs.
im building a brazilian dating website,would love to use one of your character designs
please let me know if you would agree.



26. By chrixcel

J'aime vraiment bcp celui-ci, mais difficile d'avoir des préférences marquées parmi tant de merveilles !:)

27. By AcidOne


28. By DeadFetus

That girl is bitchin', yo! Keep at it..

29. By lady K

when i was smaller i thought i couldnt do any art form but i knew i liked it and i got better. is graffiti more complex than that? respond plz

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