Bboy generator feat 6Pak





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Bboy generator

New graffiti feat my man 6pack !!
Two Bboy without faces, 3 hours to do background and caracters...
Ivry playground

Bboy detail

Bboy detail

City detail

City detail

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1. By The Tank

juste trop beau la couleur verte pi l? 2 gars sa explose gars un gros bravo !



3. By diallo alassane

j aimerai qu'on m envoie des dessin de graffiti

4. By tieum

moi ca fait un moment que je regarde tes nouvelles cr?ations, a chaque fois c'est mortel, et j'aimerais bien atteindre ton niveau. je sui

5. By keusta

wouhaaaye 20$ la bombe oui c'est un peu cher, le mieux c'est de faire des plans pay?s et de r?cupurer un max de matos ! ;)

6. By reks

on le c ke tu te prostitu !!!! :) :)
zooobi poulet

7. By phouphoune a donf

j'aime bien ce mur, y rest simple et en meme tps ya tt ce qu'il faut ! chapo les coco !

8. By RuMR

u know wat u cauld give a masive insporation to some cats out there that want to get thier name known i think i got some insporation my self just by looking at ur peaces bro n u got some hard core skilll that can kill a braother .

9. By karen

wow this is really good

10. By tieum

nan mais avec 20$ t'as juste qq couleurs pr faire un pti truc, si tu veux

11. By keusta

tieum > tu sais ya toujours des

12. By cerina

man who ever did this is really good. we ned some one to do something like this for our break dance crew.

13. By boooge

love the detail, i reckon it's one of the best pieces you two have made, fucking awsume

14. By keusta

Thx boooge :)

15. By asterix

hi i will like you to help me in making graffit lettring and i will be much grateful

16. By GL

nice as hell

17. By Paddy

Wow tats a great peace u legend.

18. By oster

ack! krew rocks OSteR AcK POMoNa

19. By Tiime0ne

ke transa kabrones sigan asi kon la pasion del art urbano.el timeOne BKSKREW**

20. By Lète

c trop tro beau c trop d'la balle

21. By cruz

what 's up
cool graffiti work

22. By romylos

b-boy é uma das coisas q mais amu ..naum sei o q seria de mim sem b-boy!!!

23. By gesang

keren banget deh!!!!!!!!!
please make in Indonesia!

24. By frashab...!"

wey no mms q perros bocetos jaja soi pmc es mi crio ps quien qieres compartir puntos d vista d graffiiti contimogo contactenme


25. By lil gk

se tag et bien fai set sickkk !!!

26. By fecs

apoyando la cultura...los felicito y sigan representando q tienen full style...
att:fecs rsu-fa


Great work.
what types of spray caps do you use. And what type of paint?

Thanks :)

28. By hawawi

good... thx :)

29. By fouad

how to graffe

30. By winder


31. By Skulz

we need more graffers like stack in Australia.
Big ups 2 Mr. Stack

32. By hector


33. By mayling

no ps estoys grafitis estan bn chingones rifan ok bye

34. By legalaize

salve salve!!!!!!!!!!

painel cabula
oster show
viva o graffiti

35. By boooge

I agree Skulz ^^

36. By ruek1(n)

dis shyt is 2 fukin raw.

37. By yosed


38. By gangstr

coll what up man......yo...see this is message please click my link

39. By alassane

j'aime voir mon non en graff

40. By ONUR

b boy is very nice grup

41. By CAMIL

mother fuck

42. By n3t1m100%bboy

vida loka

43. By Britny Ferrell

Would you be interested in doing a side job drawing? We're having our 4th annual dance competition and we need a t-shirt design. Please email me if your interested.

44. By dadalephoceen

Franchement il déchire !!!!

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