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Sowat sketch

New sketch, not finish for Sowat in his blackbook
Artwork in progress, stay tuned

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1. By émilie

YEAAH !!!!!
..hihi ça me rappel quelque choooose cette compo :p..faudra la mettre en couleurs à la tablette après hein, obligé ;)
et il tue le perso avec son casque !! bien vu !

2. By keusta

Yeah, tu veux dire que tu te propose de le mettre en couleur ???

bien vu !

3. By émilie

na na na au boulot colo l'keusta hophophop ! :D

4. By Kix

waw faut le chercher le sowat dans le truc mechanique au milieu :P mais il y est ya pas a dire joli je suis dégouté xD

5. By MatTz

hey this shit thing in pic i dont f on me!!

6. By saul

e por fa mandame una placa con el nombre de saul o de bale

7. By LZo

teach me... lol. Nah im kinda serious.

8. By Anandit

This shit is ridiculous, how the heck can one draw such complicated yet cool sketches. It takes years to obtain this skill and man, you are definitely cool. Good work dood. Keep it up.

9. By saeedeh mohamadzadeh


10. By isain

hey wuzz up.....

11. By CANE

yo dude u got skill but u wasting it on just doin normal caractors try doin more cartoon or sci fi cractors

12. By najeed006

OMG u realy too good Dude ....

your work is awesome .....amazing .. .

i already love graffiti .....but now i'm Krazzzzy

13. By BASIK1

this work is tight!!!!

14. By miguel angel calderon

podrian mandar me unos cuantos garffitis yo soy un afisionado por los grafitis

15. By k ballz

tight as hell keep it up!!!!

16. By k ballz

fucken tight

17. By luz

18. By ignacio alejandro osuna duran

jjaja soy cml byye

19. By guatekid

yo this shit is tight

20. By Guillermo

How can i contact you? i really like your art and would like to see if i could talk to you online for my art class

21. By Wase


22. By artist of UA

hei ! your so awesome!
can can you do that!lol..!
i like your sketch .

23. By artist of UA


24. By alfiesaden

hi - is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the bing browser "" i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?

25. By keusta

This not a bug, this is different URL... is different than but its the same domain ;)

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