Dirty Undergroundz





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New graffiti, special underground !!!

Dirty Undergroundz

Feat 6pack Spot Myt Tefu and Red

Dirty ambiance


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1. By tieum

wé j'avoue c pas mal!
si un jour tu passes sur bordeaux, laisse un comentaire sur une page récente pour me tenir o courant, je me pointe avec mes bombes et ma grande gueule :D

2. By émilie

hey mais y a eut de l'updaaaate làà !!
faut prévenir !...remarque ça va je l'avais déjà vu celle ci :p :p ( et tsé ce que j'en pense vue que je l'ai eut en fond d'écran pendant un bail ;) )

3. By norma pinett


4. By lukeAduke

Sick peace Mad talent!

5. By 2SIK

That's is some sick graffiti
this type of graff is what motivates me 2 keep going

Peace 2 DISM and all them WCS homies

6. By boooge

it's awsume, must have taken a long time

7. By trent

dam bro, i don't see why you street tag, that shits wack...it doesn't put money in your pocket it takes money out...I think you should throw up some ads with your work for your city, you kno advertisin that you'll bomb peoples walls and shit for some m

8. By keusta

hi trent
i'm bored to spray what people ask me to do ! even for money.. but thanks for your advice !

9. By wisdm-esco

this is some illest stuff and has a sick ass style and is original

10. By KEAZE A1

dude these guys are my biggest idolz ever... if i could do this kind of work there wont be a spot in newzealand i aint been... god these guys movitave me sooooo much... peace

11. By Mental

le char devant l'morceaux le rend parfait ! bien fait del lajouter dans photo

12. By Will

honestly...never before have i see such domination -- these are breathtaking (no homo) -- I love them

13. By GB. Steven

yo, this thing is pure art... where do you do all this stuff?

14. By joanna

mou aresei polu to graffiti

15. By xatimystik

jajeuf.we repesent senegal.but we do graff and the pictures.we need something a partenaria with you because we are seen yo job.peace and never giv up the fight.

16. By GB. Steven

nice graffiti. did u do it by yourself or have a friend that helped u?

17. By h3Mp

WuT Up mAn iV3 B3en Ch3CkiN ouT aLL yOuR Art ANd iTs FuckIN AmaZinG I tHinK YOuR sHits ThA b3ST IvE 3V3r Se3n K3eP uP tHa kIck aSS ArT, h3Lla PropS tO yA.

18. By GAME

yeah! that's sick!!!

19. By cyberghost

hey im jezz from indonesia fucking shit nation,really respect y'all!!

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