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Big Walls

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Stack attack

New graffiti, with a fucking destroy insane wall and a structure pole
hummm i like it !!!

street art

Quality street feat Dark (characters) 6pack Red Spot Tefu and Myt
2007 in Bretigny

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1. By callum


2. By mihssou


3. By ricardo

write ricardo in graffity

4. By Kix

je pense que trouver des bombes ca peut etre a ma portée, d'ailleurs vous posez avec quoi vous ? mtn ? sabotaz ?

a laéro peut etre ?

enfin si tu pouvais passer un petit mail la prochaine fois que vous posez vers paris

5. By Hellmiz

man that's amazing, i wish i was able to do stuff like these =O

6. By keusta

Kix > Gold au fat ;) et black

7. By boooge

i'm not hating the colour scheme you used but the grey wall painted and white background make me think of the Greater Need for Graffiti to cover crappy dull walls

8. By EXE

sickass wall, sparked me. I'd like to know what it says

9. By prabin

nice ma
but min is better

10. By cristhian

esto es lo mas elegante

11. By Sticma!

qe flashh qe fuman ustedes estan re acidoss.
son re pro ;)

12. By Chamo

salut ! c toi ki a posé a boersch sous lpont ?

13. By Jasmine

love the graffiti get some more yello and black !!!!!!!!1

14. By manuel

siete davvero bravi io me la cavo bene a farli ma nn sono bravo come voi ciao

15. By jared

asme uno weiii tiro ronisee

16. By crisis

nice work. i'ma catchya one day.

17. By The DIMZZ

graffitynnnnya bagus!

18. By william

sup g i like eating banana

19. By treaf


20. By treaf

wery nuce))...ukraine!!! by treaf..love wild style!!!

21. By Marielle

I'm in love.

22. By CPAK 371

the whole production is sick feeling the charecters peace out LA kat out

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