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Pyramidz are Back

New wall, Flying Pyramids, May 2009
2 days of work for the background and my graffiti
you can use it as a free graffiti wallpaper 1920 x 1440px


Quick style, spend a lot of time on the pyramids
And not much on my letters

joiner full resolution

Here is the joiner full resolution
From left to right : DarkElixir Red Spot Yearz 6pack Olse and Haze

Mister Spot fillin the sky

Mister Spot fillin the sky

2 workers, 5 inspectors

2 workers, 5 inspectors :)

sketching the flying fortress

sketching the flying fortress
we use around 6 montana gold mystik black transparent for the background

Sketching more and more houses

Sketching more and more houses

At the end of the first day

At the end of the first day

And more and more houuuuses

Detail on the city
Trucks and starship by 6pack

A tiny action video

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1. By dzio


2. By Emilie

Yeah le MakingOff qui tuuuue ! Excellent la vidéo !! :)

3. By TAC!!!

graffit cool!!!!!!
stack,are you ready go to indonesia?

4. By ¡sm@el

verdadero talento!!!!!!!!!!!1

5. By GkZPN

Hey Yo !
diz is a Big Nasty of shit ...
i like that ,yo know Me ? ha ???
thanks Kid .

6. By blAze815

damn thats hella fuckin tight man

7. By Domino


8. By david

nice job the best one

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