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New York City Graffiti

New graffiti feat Phou, Red, Olce, 6pack, Yearz, and Haze. Ivry city, may 2009
A technic challenge with a radial blur effect of a NYC street by night
Background made with everyone's help

starting to draw the street

Starting with the perspective, and adding elements

starting to draw the cars and yellow cabs

Lights, cars and yellow cabs

Working with heavy rain

2 days of work in a rainy mode

Phou working on his character

Phou working on his character

6pack and Years at work

6pack and Years at work

Ending ours pieces

Ending ours pieces

New York City graffiti Wallpaper

You can download this wallpaper for your desktop available in 1600px and 2000px
Free for personal use only

The inspiration picture

The inspiraction source was not blur before we photoshoped it..
We will certainly make another wall like this soon
Feel free to comment ;)

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1. By Emilie

Bien géré l'effet de mouvement !!

2. By GkZPN

Hey , Yo !
oh Man ... Nice Shit ...
i Love NEWYORK City !!!
Man ,yo guy's really givein' me Good
thing about Graffiti ,really Man,really !
always Love Yo !
don't Stop Work ,Do it!!!

3. By laurie

long time dont see u¡¡ jjeje
see u soon ¡¡

4. By Piou. B

Cette maitrise des couleurs c'est fou! Je suis vrai fan

5. By H

LovinG' IT

Wanna React ?